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"My 9-year-old daughter has been taking acoustic guitar lessons from Tom for the last 6 months. She started out with in-person lessons, but when COVID restrictions prohibited lessons face-to-face, she transitioned to remote lessons via Google Duo.

"The remote lessons have worked extremely well and have allowed us the flexibility, at times, to schedule lessons outside of the availability of a studio. Using the lesson book that Tom has written has also been beneficial for my daughter's practice at home, since many of the songs link to 'play-along' tracks loaded to his website 'handson6.com'. These 'play-along' tracks are extremely helpful for my daughter to hear the correct timing of the music and to compare her playing to that of a professional.

"In addition, Tom's lesson book has exercises for the student to write their own compositions. This is a great tool to ensure that the student has the ability to, not only read music, but understand how to write a melody as well.

"Lastly, one of the things I really appreciate about Tom's approach to teaching is that he really seems to tailor the lessons to the student and their individual abilities. He has a passion for music and wants to share that with his students. My daughter, who is somewhat shy, appreciates his patience and kind, easygoing style.

- Tracy Miller


"Tom is a great and kind guitar teacher. He is patient and waits quietly if you want to play something again. He also gives you a choice if you want to try a melody again or if you want to move on. Tom is an excellent and funny teacher and he always has a smile on his face!"


Josie Miller (Age 9)

"My 8-year-old son, Alec, has had an amazing experience working with Tom Reichert for his guitar lessons. Tom does an excellent job engaging Alec in a productive learning environment, while making his lessons challenging and fun. Tom's book, HANDS-ON 6 has been a useful tool along the way to aid in the learning process. As a mom that sees a ton of value in incorporating music into my child's development, I particularly appreciate the way Tom structured his book to build string by string, while leveraging simple music theory techniques to help my son bring out his creativity while learning to read and perform music."

- Liz Anderson


"Working through Tom's book has helped me improve on some of the skills that I have struggled with for awhile such as timing and rhythm. My lessons are really helpful in setting goals for me to accomplish and making sure I'm always getting better as a well rounded player. I have been having lessons with Tom for around 5 years now and I have had a great experience and have learned a lot."

- Anna Nelson


"My son Hans started lessons in December of 2018. Never having any lessons on any other instrument, he picked up very quickly with the help of this book and his instructor, Tom Reichert. From day 1, he was already learning to read music, proper positions and playing through several songs. And with confidence, Hans was learning more strings and enjoying his guitar with each lesson! This lead to him wanting to learn and play more music. I would recommend Tom and this lesson book to anyone looking to learn how to play the guitar."

- Sally Schoeben


"I have really enjoyed taking guitar lessons from Tom Reichert. The teaching materials he developed and uses helped me learn to read music for the first time in my life. I've also learned to play the notes on the guitar in an organized, step-by-step process. I appreciate that his teaching methods have allowed me to move through the material at a pace that fits around my busy work schedule. Tom provides direct and clear feedback and does it in a gentle way. I've learned a lot from Tom and hope to keep working with him in the future."

- Rob Metz
Deputy Director
The BARR Center


"My daughter has been taking lessons with Tom Reichert for over four years, starting when she was nine years old. Tom has been a great teacher for her. He is enthusiastic, encouraging, and a genuinely nice guy. His book and the website recordings have been very helpful with teaching her how to play better. Tom's teaching style has been a balance of encouraging techniques and skills while also teaching her how to play some of her favorite songs. She learns a lot and has fun, too. It's been awesome to see her confidence, skills and love of playing grow under his guidance."

- Kristie Probst